The Importance of Weight training

Resistance, or weight training is one of the most over looked facets of any health and fitness plan. Having worked in the fitness industry for pretty much 15 years now I can verify strength training being almost anticipated by many a layman. Where this fear stems from I cannot be sure, but it’s probably credited in some part to the bodybuilder of the 80’s. Many of have a preconceived idea that lifting any form of weight might find us turn into a bulked up, train of thought ridden Hercules, which is just not true. The truth is, weight training will increase your muscle size, but the rate at which it increases will be no place near your preconceived ideas (the average bodybuilder, without any drugs, would gain 4-5lbs of muscle a year should he be dedicated). But why would anybody wish to gain muscle in the first place medical spa industry growth? The standard answer to this question would be appearance. It’s quite common for goal for men to increase muscle size with the use of attaining a more muscular, aesthetically pleasing physique. The development of muscle tissue in this respect varies with perception: some aim to be a big as humanely possible, whilst others prefer a thinner toned effect. Regardless, an increase in muscle size is always needed for this look. Men can also benefit from increased strength (relevant for any sport, but a training program should be altered to be specific and relevant), bone solidity and resistance to injury. It is rarely men who require convincing of the need of a resistance program however. Much more difficult is convincing women of this thinking.

Why would a lady want to gain muscle? The most common fear amongst women (speaking from personal experience) is either the fear that their weight will increase due to muscles being bigger and therefore weighing more, or that they’re going to suddenly become freakishly muscular and instantly ugly as a result. Both worries are founded in extreme circumstances, but I would hope I can encourage any female reader of otherwise. If i was to offer you your ideal physique right now (no tricks, you would simply look the actual way you wish to), but told you that you would (by way of science which has not/will likely never been invented) weight 200kg, would you take me up on my offer? Does your actual weight cause you an issue, or is it more about your body fat levels and general aesthetic? You may be in the fraction, but all whom I have asked this question to before have prefered the perfect physique (but impossibly heavy) option. As further peace of mind, if a man (with improved testo-sterone levels and a ancestral history showing a dependence on larger muscles) can only expect you’ll put on 4-5lbs of muscle a year, then you as a woman should expect much less. Is this to say you could not get to be the next female bodybuilder should you wish to be? No, but you would have much more work ahead of you.

The fear of strength training is therefore unjustified, and one that is neither beneficial or conductive to changing your physique long-term. Weightlifting has many health benefits where everybody can gain enjoyment. Increased strength will add virility alive, and sturdy tendons, ligaments and bone fragments will make you more indestructible. The main reason I advocate weightlifting however is the potential it creates for weight loss and creating the ultimate desirable physique (referring to my earlier comment upon personal perception-once you reach the required muscle mass you would simply switch to a maintenance routine). When we pump iron we stimulate our bodies into establishing to the stimulus. Lifting progressively heavier weights will stimulate our muscles to grow. The benefits of this is with added muscle mass comes increased consumption of calories. You have likely heard of your recommended daily calorie allocated: this is a rough guide to the number of calories your body requires on a daily basis. Many things feature to this from metabolic processes to to the quality of exercise you do. Boosting your muscle size will increase the number of calories your body will burn daily (estimated to 50kcal per 1lb of increased muscle tissue). Now, increasing muscle mass will not make you look overly muscular (not if you do not really train to gain), but it will directly burn more calories and feature greatly to weight loss.